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Key to Juncus

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1 Inflorescence appearing lateral; inflorescence bract erect, appearing to be a continuation of the culm
1 Inflorescence appearing terminal; inflorescence bract not appearing to be a continuation of the culm.
  2 Leaf blades septate (sometimes obscure in dried specimens; if so, rest leaf on hard surface and run fingernail over it lengthwise).
    3 Mature seeds distinctly tailed with elongate appendages at each end (may be obscure in J. subcaudatus), seeds 0.7-2.5 mm long; [subgenus Juncus, section Ozophyllum]
    3 Mature seeds without appendages, < 0.7 mm long.
      4 Flowers solitary (rarely up to 3) along branches of inflorescence; flowers often aborted; inflorescence diffuse, with slender flexuous branches; [subgenus Juncus, section Ozophyllum]
      4 Flowers in heads (glomerules) of 3 or more; flowers seldom aborted; inflorescence various.
        5 Heads spherical or nearly so, usually 15-60 flowered
        5 Heads turbinate to hemispherical, 3-15 flowered; [subgenus Juncus, section Ozophyllum]
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