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Key to Brachyelytrum

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1 Lemmas hirsutulous or minutely scabrous, the longest hairs (0.06-) 0.08-0.14 (-0.2) mm long (not evident at 10×); lemma (0.7-) 0.8-1.2 (-1.4) mm wide; widest leaf blade (8-) 10-14 (-16) mm wide; second glume (0.6-) avg. 1.2 (-3.0) mm long; [northeastern, south of PA only in the Mountains]
1 Lemmas hirsute with hairs (0.2-) 0.4-0.8 (0.9) mm long (easily seen at 10×); lemma (0.8-) 1.1-1.5 (-1.8) mm wide; widest leaf blade (9-) 11-17 (-23) mm wide; second glume (0.2-) avg. 2.2 (7.0) mm long; [widely distributed in our area]
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