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Key to Danthonia

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1 Lemma teeth (flanking the awn) 0.8-1.8 mm long, triangular, acuminate; glumes 8-13 mm long
1 Lemma teeth (flanking the awn) (1.8-) 2.0-4.5 mm long, setaceous; glumes 9-19 mm long.
..2 Lemma awn 4-10 mm long; glumes 9-13 mm long
..2 Lemma awn 11-18 mm long; glumes 11-19 mm long.
....3 Sheaths villous; lemmas herbaceous in texture, villous on the back and sides; awn twisted at base several times, forming an awn column 2.5-3 mm long
....3 Sheaths glabrous; lemmas membranaceous in texture, villous only on the margins and toward the base; awn twisted at base a single time, forming a loose awn column 0.5-1.5 mm long
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