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Key to Sesbania

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1 Legume 10-40 cm long, 0.3-0.8 cm wide; legume ×-section terete, laterally compressed, or somewhat tetrangular (but not at all flanged or winged); seeds many (> 10) per legume; [sect. Sesbania].
..2 Corolla 60-80 (-100) mm long; legume 30-40 cm long; [of FL peninsula]
..2 Corolla 8-22 mm long; legume 10-20 cm long; [collectively widespread].
....3 Leaf lower surfaces and stems glabrous or glabrate; legume 15-20 cm long; flowers 10-22 mm long; [common, widespread, and native (though weedy)]
....3 Leaf lower surfaces and stems sericeous or villous (silky with appressed or subappressed hairs); [rare exotic]
1 Legume 3-8 cm long, 0.6-1.6 cm wide; legume ×-section laterally compressed or obviously tetrangular (the corners flanged or prominently winged); seeds 1-10 per legume.
......4 Corolla 8-9 mm long; legume flattened; seeds 1-2 (-3) per legume; leaves with 8-13 (-18) pairs of leaflets; [sect. Glottidium]
......4 Corolla 9-25 mm long; legume quadrangular or 4-winged; seeds 4-10 per legume; leaves with 10-35 pairs of leaflets; [sect. Daubentonia].
........5 Legume quadrangular or slightly flanged, 0.5-0.8 cm wide; corolla 9-12 mm long
........5 Legume conspicuously 4-winged longitudinally, 1-1.5 cm wide; corolla 13-25 mm long.
..........6 Corolla yellow; pedicels 0.5-1.0 cm long; legume blunt or abruptly acuminate to a beak
..........6 Corolla orange or red; pedicels 0.5-1.2 (-1.5) cm long; legume acuminate or tapering to a beak
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