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Key to Waldsteinia

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1 Leaves trilobed (the sinuses cleft 1/4 to 3/4 the way to the midrib); leaves rather densely pubescent with stiff hairs, these distributed on the veins and on the intervein surfaces; [of a small area at the southern terminus of the Southern Appalachians in n. GA, nw. SC, and sw. NC)
1 Leaves trifoliolate (fully divided), and also typically additionally lobed; leaves sparsely pubescent with stiff hairs, these distributed mostly or strictly on the veins, the intervein surfaces glabrous to very sparsely pubescent; [more widespread].
..2 Petals 2.5-4 mm long (about as long as the sepals), 1-1.5 mm wide; [of VA and KY southward]
..2 Petals 4-10 mm (longer than the sepals), 2-7 mm wide; [of n. NC and KY northward; also perhaps a naturalizing exotic]
....3 Sepals without bractlets; petals 2-5 (-6) mm wide, not overlapping or overlapping adjacent petals slightly; [native]
....3 Sepals with bractlets about 1/3-1/2 as long as the sepals; petals 4-7 mm wide, strongly overlapping adjacent petals; [exotic, horticultural plant]

Key to Rosaceae, Key A: Herbs and subshrubs with simple leaves

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1 Leaves crenate, unlobed; inflorescence of a solitary flower; [tribe Rubeae]
1 Leaves 3-9 lobed; inflorescences cymose.
..2 Leaves shallowly 7-9-lobed; petals 0; stamens 4.
..2 Leaves 3-lobed; petals 0 or 5; stamens 1 or many.
....3 Leaf blades 0.3-1.0 cm long and wide, deeply 3-lobed, each lobe further lobed or deeply toothed; petals 0; stamen 1; [tribe Potentilleae]
....3 Leaf blades 3-8 cm long and wide, 3-lobed, each lobe toothed; petals 5; stamens many; [tribe Colurieae]
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