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Key to Malvastrum

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1 Leaves linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, 3.5-8× as long as wide; plant 1-5 (-8) dm tall; [calcareous habitat, inland provinces]
1 Leaves broadly lanceolate to broadly ovate, 1.5-2.5× as long as wide; plant (5-) 10-20 dm tall; [various habitats, Coastal Plain, mainly FL, TX, and LA, or as waifs].
..2 Hairs of the stems stellate with 5-12 rays; leaves sometimes shallowly 3-lobed
....3 Hairs of the stems with ascending rays, these not notably fused basally
....3 Hairs of the stems with rays appressed to the surface, the rays fused basally and thus sublepidote
..2 Hairs of the stems stellate with 2-5 rays; leaves unlobed.
......4 Mericarps with minute cusps, none longer than 0.1-0.4 mm long
......4 Mericarps with well-developed sharp cusps, the larger 1-2 mm long
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