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Key to Arabis

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1 Plants matted from a branching caudex, perennial; [cultivated and rarely persistent or escaped]
1 Plants unbranched, biennial; [native to our area].
  2 Petals 6-9 mm long; siliques 2.5-7 cm long.
    3 Siliques (4.5-) 5-7 cm long; [endemic to w. GA and c. AL]
    3 Siliques 2.5-4 cm long; [of se. PA, c. PA, and IN south to NC, e. TN, and AL]
  2 Petals 3-5 mm long; siliques 3-6 cm long; [collectively known from NC, TN, VA, and northward and westward from those states].
      4 Stem pubescence primarily appressed and of 2-armed or dolabriform hairs; basal leaves with glabrous margins
      4 Stem pubescence primarily spreading and of simple hairs; basal leaves with ciliate margins
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