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Key to Drosera

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1 Leaves filiform, the expanded leaf bases forming a corm-like base.
..2 Petals 12-17 (-20) mm long; leaves 30-50 cm long, > 1 mm wide; glandular hairs on the leaves pale green, drying pale greenish brown; scape 25-60 cm long
..2 Petals 7-10 (12) mm long; leaves 7.8-26 (-30) cm long, < 1 mm wide; glandular hairs on the leaves red to purple, drying dark brown; scape 6-26 cm long.
....3 Leaves olive-green, olive-red, or very occasionally dark purple; scapes 13.0-26.0 cm tall, relatively thick; petioles 4-15 mm long; flowers "larger"; [of e. NC northwards]
....3 Leaves uniformly orange, orange-red, or bright purplish red; scapes 7.8-16.2 cm tall, relatively thin; petioles 1-6 (-10) mm long; flowers "smaller"; [of FL Panhandle]
1 Leaves spatulate or suborbicular, the leaf bases not expanded.
......4 Inflorescence stipitate-glandular; basal rosettes 0.8-3.5 cm in diameter; leaf bases cuneate to narrowly cuneate, usually not parallel-sided for any part of their length; stipules absent or obsolete (consisting of a few hair-like segments); seeds black, crateriform
......4 Inflorescence glabrous; basal rosettes (2-) 3-12 cm in diameter; leaf bases obviously petiolate, with parallel margins; stipules present, fimbriate; seeds light brown and longitudinally striate, or reddish brown to black and densely papillose, or brown and coarsely corrugated into 14-16 longitudinal ridges.
........5 Leaf blades wider than long, suborbicular or reniform; seeds about 6× as long as wide
........5 Leaf blades about as wide as long, spatulate to obovate; seeds 1-2× as long as broad.
..........6 Petioles with few to many long trichomes; petals pink (sometimes fading to white); plants scapose; inflorescence straight at base; seeds coarsely corrugated into 14-16 longitudinal ridges
..........6 Petioles glabrous; petals white; plants usually with a leafy stem 1-10 cm long; inflorescence arching at base; seeds reddish brown to black and densely papillose
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