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Key to Suaeda

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1 Shrubs, perennials, or rarely annuals; plants pubescent or glabrous; perianth segments regular; [TX and westward]; [section Limbogermen].
  2 Stems smooth at leaf scars; inflorescence branches mostly thinner than vegetative branches
  2 Stems knobby at leaf scars; inflorescence branches as thick as vegetative branches.
    3 Stems prostrate to decumbent, glabrous; leaf tips rounded
    3 Stems decumbent to erect, densely pubescent; leaf tips acuminate to apiculate
1 Annuals, or perennials; plants glabrous; perianth segments regular or irregular; [collectively wide ranging]; [section Brezia].
      4 Sepals essentially equal, rounded, keeled or not, but none appendaged.
        5 Sepals distinctly narrowly keeled; stems erect, green to reddish, often profusely branched from base
        5 Sepals rounded or obscurely keeled; stems prostrate or decumbent to erect, usually light brown, simple or branched
      4 Sepals distinctly unequal, appendaged with horns, keels, or wings or not.
          6 Glomeruls usually crowded into compound spikes; stems green or red; [wide ranging, usually in disturbed, often salted sites]
          6 Glomerules not crowded into spikes; stems green; [northeastern North American tidal flats and salt marshes]
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