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Key to Steironema

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1 Leaves linear, 1-7 mm wide, 10-20× longer than wide, mid-cauline leaves sessile or short petiolate, petioles when present 1-5 mm long.
..2 Stems 2-10 dm tall; petioles with cilia at base only, rarely ciliate their entire length, cilia not extending onto margins of leaf bases; flowers 16-26 mm in diameter
..2 Stems 1-3 dm tall; petioles ciliate their full length with cilia usually extending distally onto margins of leaf base; flowers 7-20 mm in diameter.
....3 Leaves 1-2 (-3) mm wide; flowers 7-14 mm in diameter
....3 Leaves 3-7 mm wide; flowers 11-20 mm in diameter
1 Leaves lanceolate, narrowly elliptic-lanceolate, or narrowly oblong, 5-60 mm wide, mostly 1.5-10× longer than wide, mid-cauline leaves usually with well-developed petioles 5-20+ mm long (except in L. lanceolata where petioles are mostly <5 mm long).
......4 Petioles ciliate along their entire length.
........5 Leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, 17-60 mm wide
........5 Leaves narrowly oblong, elliptic, lanceolate, or oblanceolate, 5-20 mm wide.
..........6 Plants lacking creeping rhizomes; stem bases usually somewhat swollen and >4 mm in diameter, often with adventitious roots; leaf bases mostly rounded to broadly cuneate; petioles ciliate mostly only in basal half but sometimes with a few cilia extending into distal half of petiole; plants of wetlands
..........6 Plants with well-developed long-creeping rhizomes; stem bases not swollen, <4 mm in diameter, lacking adventitious roots; leaf bases cuneate; petioles evenly ciliate from petiole base to apex and extending onto lower leaf edge; plants of mesic to dry sites, rarely of wet areas
......4 Petioles eciliate or with cilia confined to the proximal half (or less) only.
............ 7 Stems decumbent to prostrate and often rooting at the nodes; corolla lobes 3-5 mm long
............ 7 Stems erect or sometimes reclining on other vegetation but not prostrate and rooting at the nodes; corolla lobes 5-12 mm long.
............ ..8 Cilia extending up proximal half of petioles; plants of wetlands to mesic forests; stem bases usually somewhat swollen and often with adventitious roots
............ ..8 Cilia absent from petioles (or only extending 2-3 mm up the petiole), restricted to the nodal region between opposing petiole bases; plants of dry to mesic upland habitats; stem bases not swollen, lacking adventitious roots.
............ ....9 Leaves narrowly lanceolate, bases cuneate and generally gradually contracted to the petiole, widest point located near the middle to just below the middle of the blade, 4-9× longer than wide, mid-cauline leaves 5-12 mm wide
............ ....9 Leaves ovate to ovate-lanceolate, bases rounded to truncate, abruptly contracted to the petiole, widest point located in the proximal one-quarter to one-third of the blade, 1.5-4.5× longer than wide, mid-cauline leaves 15-44 mm wide
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