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Key to Spermacoce

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1 Calyx with 4 lobes of nearly equal length.
..2 Flowers in terminal glomerules; stamens exserted; corolla white with a pink throat
..2 Flowers in axillary glomerules; stamens included; corolla white.
....3 Corolla villous in the throat; sepals rotate in fruit, long-deltoid, < 2× as long as width at base
....3 Corolla not villous in throat; sepals erect in fruit, narrowly triangular, > 5× as long as width at base
1 Calyx with 2 long lobes, the other 2 absent or vestigial (much shorter than the 2 long lobes).
......4 Terminal head (1-) 2-3 cm wide; leaves broadly elliptic, the blade 3-4 cm long, 1.2-1.5 cm wide, obtuse to rounded at the apex
......4 Terminal head 0.5-1 cm wide; leaves ovate to linear, acute at the apex.
........5 Leaves ovate-elliptic, with 3-5 pairs of lateral veins; calyx longer than the corolla
........5 Leaves linear to linear-lanceolate, with 1-2 pairs of lateral veins; calyx shorter than the corolla
..........6 Flowers in a terminal head, and also at most in the next axil below; corolla tubes 1/5-2.5 mm long
..........6 Flowers at 3 or more nodes; corolla tubes 0.5-1 mm long
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