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Key to Jacquemontia

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1 Flowers in a capitate Inflorescence; inflorescence subtended by large foliaceous bracts; [widespread in our area]
1 Flowers solitary and axillary, or 2-several several in axillary, corymbose cymes; inflorescence not subtended by large foliaceous bracts; [peninsular FL].
..2 Corolla blue to purple.
..2 Corolla white or pale pink.
......4 Outer sepals ciliolate; [coastal strands, s. Florida]
......4 Outer sepals glabrous or with tufted trichomes at the apex.
........5 Outer sepal apices rounded; [pine rocklands of the Miami Rock Ridge, n. Broward County, and Big Cypress]
........5 Outer sepal apices acute; [beach dunes, coastal strands, and rockland hammocks, Florida Keys and Miami-Dade County]
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