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Key to Callitriche

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1 Leaves not connate; stems lacking scales; leaves 1-veined
1 Leaves connate at their bases (the opposing leaf bases connected by a flange of leaf tissue across the node); stems bearing scales; leaves 1-5-veined.
..2 Flowers and young fruits with 2 inflated bracteoles at the base; leaves dimorphic (with floating rosettes of spatulate leaves and submersed linear leaves) or monomorphic.
....3 Fruit margin distinctly winged, the wing nearly 0.1 mm wide, extending the entire distance from the summit to the base of the fruit; fruit globose
....3 Fruit margin either not winged or with a wing < 0.05 mm wide, narrowing toward the base of the fruit before ending above the base; fruit ellipsoidal, obovoid, or nearly heart-shaped.
......4 Fruit as wide as long, obovoid or nearly heart-shaped
......4 Fruit longer than wide by > 0.2 mm, ellipsoidal
..2 Flowers and young fruits lacking bracts at their base; leaves monomorphic, obovate-spatulate, rounded at the tip.
........5 Mericarps bent at an angle and thickened on one side at the base; [of SC southward]
........5 Mericarps not bent at an angle nor thickened at the base; [collectively widespread].
..........6 Fruit on pedicels 0.5-7 mm long; margin of fruit curled over on itself, appearing thickened; fruit developing underground
..........6 Fruit on pedicels 0.1-0.6 mm long; margin of fruit narrow, thin; fruit developing aboveground
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