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Key to Blephilia

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1 Erect stems with numerous branches; typically each stem terminated by an inflorescence; bracteoles long-acuminate; leaves acuminate and acute; lower calyx lobes deltoid, not reaching the sinuses of the upper calyx lip; plants flowering late Jun-Aug (Sep).
1 Erect stems typically unbranched or with 1-2 branches; typically a single inflorescence on the central axis; bracteoles acute; leaves acute to obtuse; lower calyx lobes linear, more-or-less reaching the sinuses of the upper calyx lip; plants flowering in Apr - early Jun.
..2 Plants densely canescent, pubescence of stem typically short and retrorse or short and spreading; leaf apices obtuse; sterile stems prostrate and stolon-like forming clonal patches; live plants typically without minty odor (or tending towards oregano-like)
..2 Plants variously pubescent, but not canescent (typically sparse), pubescence of stem spreading or nearly absent; leaf apices acute to acuminate, typically glabrate to sparsely hirsute; sterile stems erect and numerous; live plants typically with minty odor or odor absent.
....3 Stem glabrate below middle, sparsely distributed short retrorse trichomes on angles above midstem; leaves abaxially glabrous or with a few trichomes on the midvein; outermost glomerule bracts 8.9-9.5 mm long, cilia 0.9-1.5 mm long; upper calyx lobes 1.7-2.5 mm long; corolla base color near white; [Cumberland Plateau, Jackson and Madison counties, AL and Franklin County TN]
....3 Stem densely pilose-pubescent, longer and spreading on angles; leaves sparsely pubescent with spreading trichomes across the adaxial surface and on the veins abaxially; outermost glomerule bracts 10-17 mm long, cilia 1.5-2.1 mm long; upper calyx lobes 2.2-2.9 mm long; corolla base color lavender; [Eastern Highland Rim, DeKalb County, TN]
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