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Key to Lamium

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1 Corolla yellow; anthers glabrous; bracts present, reflexed
1 Corolla purple, pink, or white; anthers with tufts of hairs; bracts absent or present (if present not reflexed).
  2 Perennial, with rhizomes or stolons; corolla 18-35 mm long, the tube curved; leaves all petioled; [section Lamiotypus].
    3 Corolla white; leaves not blotched with white; lower corolla lip with 2-3 teeth on each side; pollen light yellow
    3 Corolla pinkish-purple (rarely white); leaves usually marked with white; lower corolla lip with 1 tooth on each side; pollen orange
  2 Annual, lacking rhizomes or stolons; corolla 10-18 (-20) mm long, the tube straight; leaves all petioled or upper leaves sessile and clasping.
      4 Leaves subtending flower clusters sessile; [section Amplexicaule]
      4 Leaves all petiolate; [section Lamium].
        5 Leaves subtending whorls deeply serrate, with many teeth > 2 mm long; nutlets (2.5-) 2.7-3.0 (-3.3) mm long
        5 Leaves subtending whorls crenate-serrate, with teeth < 2 mm long; nutlets (2.0-) 2.2-2.5 (-2.8) mm long
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