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Key to Berlandiera

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image of plant
Show caption*© Bruce A. Sorrie
1 Leaves basally disposed; leaves lyrate to pinnatifid; [S. GA, se. AL, and FL].
..2 Inflorescence of (1-) 2-20 heads, in a corymbiform array; disc flowers red to maroon
image of plant
Show caption*© Scott Ward
..2 Inflorescence of 1 (-3) heads; disc flowers yellow
image of plant
Show caption*© Will Stuart
1 Leaves evenly distributed on the stems; leaves merely crenate (or lyrate-pinnatifid in E. lyrata of ne. TX westward); [collectively more widespread].
image of plant
Show caption*© Daniel McNair, some rights reserved (CC BY), uploaded by Daniel McNair
....3 Leaves lyrate-pinnatifid; [ne. TX westward]
....3 Leaves unlobed, merely crenate; [collectively widespread].
......4 Hairs of the stem thick-based, erect, mostly 1.0-1.5 (-2.0) mm long, commonly distinctly flattened and vitreous; lower leaf surfaces greenish; leaves lanceolate to deltate, the mid- and upper-stem leaves sessile; stem internodes mostly < 3 cm long
......4 Hairs of the stem thin and soft, matted and closely appressed, or, if more erect, < 1 mm long; lower leaf surfaces white, gray-green, or greenish; leaves ovate to triangular or lanceolate, the mid- and upper-stem leaves on petioles 1-2 mm long; stem internodes mostly > 3 cm long.
........5 Upper leaf surfaces generally softly pubescent with very thin, basally appressed or basally reclining hairs; leaves strongly, weakly, or not at all bicolored; stem vestiture relatively dense and matted (or less so); hairs of the stem whitish, or with purplish cross-walls near the base of the hair only; [more widespread]
........5 Upper leaf surfaces hispidulous-scabrous with thick-based hairs that are basally erect; leaves not bicolored; stem vestiture only moderately dense, the stem surface visible; hairs of the stem often reddish-brown to purple because of dark cross-walls; [w. LA and e. TX]
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