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Key to Carphephorus

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1 Heads small, the involucre 3.5-6 mm high, with 5-12 phyllaries; leaves without shining punctate glands (except punctate-glandular in Litrisa carnosa, of the FL peninsula).
..2 Stem with punctate glands; peduncles punctate-glandular and also hirsutulous; pappus bristles in 2 series; [of FL peninsula]
..2 Stem eglandular, glabrous or spreading-hirsute; peduncles glabrous or stipitate-glandular; pappus bristles in 1 series; [widespread in the Coastal Plain].
....3 Stem glabrous; peduncles glabrous; inflorescence corymbiform
....3 Stem conspicuously spreading-hirsute; peduncles stipitate-glandular; inflorescence thyrsoid-paniculate
1 Heads larger, the involucre 6-15 mm high, with 15-40 phyllaries; leaves with conspicuous (at least at 10× magnification) resin dots.
......4 Leaves linear, the widest 1-3 mm wide; [sw. GA west through the East Gulf Coastal Plain]
......4 Leaves oblancolate, the widest 7-40 mm wide; [se. VA south to Panhandle FL and FL peninsula].
........5 Stem glabrous or nearly so, the pubescence (if present) short and appressed; surfaces of the basal leaves glabrous; inflorescence corymbiform
........5 Stem conspicuously spreading hirsute, at least on the lower part of the stem; surfaces of the basal leaves conspicuously pubescent to glabrous; inflorescence corymbiform or thyrsoid-paniculate.
..........6 Stems, peduncles, phyllaries, and corollas eglandular; phyllaries glabrous on the back; phyllaries subacute to rounded, entire to erose; [se. SC south to Panhandle FL]
..........6 Stems, peduncles, phyllaries, and corollas gland-dotted; phyllaries viscid-pubescent on the back; phyllaries acute to subacute, entire; [se. VA south to e. GA]
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