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Key to Juglandaceae

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1 Nutlets 6-7 mm long, with 2 wings; leaf rachis usually winged
1 Nuts > 15 mm long, unwinged; leaf rachis unwinged.
..2 Fruit with husk dehiscent into 4 valves; pith of twigs continuous; leaves with (3-) 5-17 (-19) leaflets, the largest usually the terminal or final 2 lateral; nut with shell smooth, ridged, or irregularly wrinkled (but not deeply furrowed); terminal buds with imbricate (overlapping) or valvate scales; [tribe Juglandeae, subtribe Caryinae]
..2 Fruit with husk indehiscent; pith of twigs chambered (not always developing until autumn of the first year's growth); leaves with (7-) 11-19 (-23) leaflets, the largest usually about halfway up the leaf; nut with shell deeply furrowed in a complex corrugated pattern; terminal buds with valvate; [tribe Juglandeae, subtribe Juglandinae]
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