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Key to Phrymaceae

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1 Plant a rhizomatous aquatic; leaves spatulate, entire, 10-20 mm long and 0.3-2 mm wide (reminiscent of Limosella or Lilaeopsis)
1 Plant terrestrial (though sometimes in wetlands) with an aerial; leaves ovate, elliptic, or obovate, > 20 mm long and > 2 mm wide.
  2 Inflorescence of a solitary, terminal flower; bracteal leaves alternate
  2 Inflorescence either of axillary flowers or of terminal and axillary spikes; bracteal leaves or bracts opposite.
    3 Inflorescence of terminal and axillary spikes; flowers 6-8 mm long
    3 Inflorescence of axillary flowers; flowers 17-30 mm long
      4 Corolla yellow; stem viscid glandular-pubescent; plant usually 2-4 dm tall
      4 Corolla blue; stem glabrous; plant usually 3-15 dm tall
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