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Key to Nyctaginaceae

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1 Shrub, tree, or scrambling shrub; [tribe Pisonieae].
..2 Fruit ellipsoid to ovoid, fleshy, lacking glands along the 10 weak angles; branches not armed with axillary spines
..2 Fruit oblanceoid, coriaceous to dry, with stipitate glands along the 5 angles; branches armed or not with axillary spines
1 Herb, unarmed; [tribe Nyctagineae].
....3 Flowers < 3 mm long, lacking involucral bracts subtending the petaloid calyx
....3 Flowers > 10 mm long, with involucral bracts (in Mirabilis these simulating a calyx, subtending the petaloid calyx).
......4 Plant erect; involucral bracts 5, connate, persistent; stamens 3-5
......4 Plant prostrate and rooting at the nodes; involucral bracts 3, separate, deciduous; stamens 9-18
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