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No key was found for the requested taxon, but it has only one child: Telmatoblechnum serrulatum. Showing where it is keyed below.

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Key to Blechnaceae

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1 Sporangia covering the lower leaflet surface; fertile leaves 2-pinnate; [subfamily Stenochlaenoideae]
..2 Veins of sterile leaves anastomosing; sori distinct from one another, elongate, in end-to-end rows; [subfamily Woodwardioideae].
....3 Leaves dimorphic, the sterile leaves pinnatifid, the pinnae 7-10 pairs per leaf, basally not distinct from one another, the rachis therefore winged by leaf tissue throughout its length, the pinnae merely finely serrulate
....3 Leaves monomorphic; the leaves pinnate-pinnatifid, the pinnae 15-20 pairs per leaf, fully distinct, the rachis therefore not winged by leaf tissue, the pinnae themselves pinnatifid.
......4 Rachis lacking proliferous buds in its upper portion; longer pinnae of a leaf 10-20 cm long; [widespread, native]
......4 Rachis with proliferous buds in its upper portion; longer pinnae of a leaf 20-45 cm long; [rare, exotic]
..2 Veins of sterile leaves free; sori continuous.
........5 Leaf blades usually < 5 dm long; leaves pinnate-pinnatifid in all or part; margins entire (to sparingly and irregularly serrulate); [subfamily Blechnoideae]
........5 Leaf blades usually > 5 dm long; leaves pinnate throughout; margins serrulate; [subfamily Stenochlaenoideae]
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