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Key to Tiedemannia

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1 Mature fruits with corky-thickened peripheral ribs, the fruit with a narrowly rectangular cross-section, about as thick near the ends of the ribs as at the center, 0.8-2 mm thick at the edge; plants with stoloniferous rhizomes 1-3 (-10) dm long; lower nodes often losing their leaves by flowering ; umbellets/umbel 5-9 (-12)
1 Mature fruits with peripheral ribs progressively thinning away from the seed cavity, the fruit with a fusiform cross-section, distinctly thinner toward the ends of the ribs than at the center, 0.2 mm thick at the edge; plants with stout rhizomes or a caudex, not long stoloniferous; lower nodes generally retaining their leaves until flowering; umbellets/umbel (5-) 10-30.
..2 Flowers white; segments of phyllodia cylindrical; phyllodes 2-8 mm in diameter at base; [widespread in the southeastern Coastal Plain, from se. NC south to s. FL, west to e. TX]
..2 Flowers maroon to pink; segments of phyllodia distinctly bulging between the partitions; phyllodes 4-17 mm in diameter at base; [of the FL Panhandle]
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