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Key to Calamovilfa

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1 Rhizomes long-creeping (plants clonal); ligules 0.7-2.5 mm long.
..2 Lemmas and paleas pubescent; spikelets 7.0-10.8 mm long; [OK and TX westward]
..2 Lemmas and paleas glabrous; spikelets 5.0-8.5 mm long; [PA, OH, IN, IL, MO northward and westward.
....3 Most spikelets overlapping 2-3 other spikelets; spikelets green
....3 Most spikelets overlapping 0-1 other spikelets; spikelets brownish
1 Rhizomes short (plants clump-forming); ligules 0.2-0.7 mm long.
......4 Panicles narrow, the branches appressed-ascending; [Coastal Plain of FL]
......4 Panicles broad, the branches ascending-spreading; [either Coastal Plain of SC northward, or interior provinces].
........5 Spikelets 6.0-7.4 mm long; glumes acute to acuminate, usually arcuate; lemmas 5.5-7.0 mm long, usually arcuate; [river scour areas in the rocky inland parts of the South]
........5 Spikelets 4.0-5.8 mm long; glumes acute, straight; lemmas 4.0-5.4 mm long, straight; [pineland habitats of the Coastal Plain of SC, NC, se. VA, and NJ]
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