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Key to Polygalaceae

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1 Corolla keel petal blunt, lacking a terminal crest or beak.
  2 Calyx persistent in fruit; lower 2 sepals connate for ca. 3/4 of their length; [se. LA and eastwards]
  2 Calyx deciduous in fruit; lower 2 sepals separate; [TX and westwards]
1 Corolla keel petal appendaged, with a terminal beak (conic or cylindric), or a lobed, tufted, or fringed crest.
    3 Corolla keel petal with a conic or cylindrical beak; [TX and westwards]
    3 Corolla keel petal with a lobed, tufted, or fringed crest; [widespread in our region].
      4 Flowers axillary; perennial herb or subshrub, from a creeping rhizome; well-developed leaves 3-6 (some scales also present), clustered near the tip of each aerial stem; wing sepals (10-) 13-20 mm long; stamens usually 6 in chasmogamous flowers
      4 Flowers in terminal spikes, racemes, or corymbs; annual, biennial, or perennial herbs (if perennial, then from a crown); well-developed leaves > 6 per stem, well-distributed on the stem, or basally disposed (the largest leaves basal, reducing in size upwards, the basal leaves sometimes withering later in the growing season; wing sepals 1-9 (-10) mm long; stamens usually 8 in chasmogamous flowers.
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