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Key to Neltuma

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1 Short shrub to 0.4 m tall; flowers in spherical heads; leaflets 2.5-4 mm long; fruits cylindrical, bright yellow, in 9-12 close, regular coils, ca. 5 cm long and 0.7 cm in diameter
1 Tall shrub or tree, 1-10 m tall; flowers in cylindrical spikes; leaflets (4-) 5-35 (-65) mm long; fruits straight or slightly falcate, brownish to blackish, not coiled, flattened and also slightly moniliform (constricted between the seeds, 8-20 cm long, 0.7-1.5 cm wide.
..2 Leaflets 4-6 (-9) mm long; pinnae (1-) 2 (-3) pairs per leaf; leaflets 15-27 pairs per pinna
..2 Leaflets (20-) 25-35 (-65) mm long; pinnae 1 pair per leaf; leaflets (6-) 8-12 (-20) pairs per pinna.
....3 Large shrub to small tree, single- or multi-stemmed; [rather widespread west of the Mississippi River].
....3 Clonal shrub, from running rhizomes, and putting up aerial branches to ca 1 m in height; [s. TX]
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