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Key to Deutzia

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1 Inflorescences corymbose cymes; petals broadly ovate or suborbiculate, imbricate; filaments filiform, toothless or inner ones 2-toothed at apex
1 Inflorescences racemes or panicles; petals narrowly elliptic to oblong or oblong-lanceolate, valvate; filaments narrowly oblong, toothed at apex.
  2 Leaf blades glabrous or nearly so on the lower surface; inflorescence axes glabrous
  2 Leaf blades densely stellate-pubescent on the lower surface (trichomes 3-13-rayed); inflorescence axes stellate-pubescent
    3 Stellate trichomes of the lower leaf surface appressed, with 6-13 rays; leaves subtending the inflorescence petiolate with a rounded base; stamens transformed into petals, or when present with teeth-like lobes at apex of filaments
    3 Stellate trichomes of the lower leaf surface elevated and spreading, with 3-4 rays; leaves subtending the inflorescence sessile with a truncate to clasping base; stamens present, filaments without teeth-like points at apex (occasionally with gently rounded lobes)
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