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Key to Chamaecyparis

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1 Scale leaves 2-3 mm long, prominently glandular on leading shoots but otherwise largely eglandular; foliage yellowish green, especially on younger plants; leaves more closely appressed, the facial leaves generally distinctly keeled; bark smoother; branchlets less flattened; [w. FL Panhandle and adjacent AL]
1 Scale leaves 1.5-2.5 mm long, glandular throughout the plant (on all kinds of shoots); foliage dark green; leaves less closely appressed, the facial leaves less keeled; bark rougher; branchlets more strongly flattened; [widespread in our area from northwards of NJ to nc. peninsular FL, west to the Choctawhatchee River drainage, skipping over the drainages of the Blackwater and Perdido, and then again west of Mobile Bay in s. AL and s. MS]
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