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Key to Eriochloa

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image of plant
Show caption*© Aidan Campos
1 Lemma of fertile floret with an awn > 0.2 mm long; second glume awned; panicle compact, the raceme-like lateral branches close together and ascending-appressed, of irregular lengths; spikelets 8-16 on a typical, primary branch
image of plant
Show caption*© Keith Bradley
1 Lemma of fertile floret lacking an awn; second glume not awned; panicle open, the raceme-like lateral branches remote and divergent, the lowermost longest, the upper gradually reduced in length to the apex (E. acuminata var. acuminata, E. michauxii var. michauxii) or the panicle compact (E. villosa); spikelets 12-40 on a typical, primary branch.
..2 Spikelets 2.0-2.5 mm wide
..2 Spikelets 1.1-1.8 mm wide.
....3 Annual, 3-12 dm tall; spikelets 1.1-1.4 mm wide
....3 Perennial, 5-25 dm tall; spikelets 1.3-1.8 mm wide.
......4 Lower florets staminate; blades generally flat, 8-15 mm wide
......4 Lower florets sterile; blades involute or conduplicate, 5-8 mm wide
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