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Key to Hymenocallis

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1 Ovules 4-8 per locule; ovary 14-30 mm long, 6-15 mm wide; [FL].
  2 Corona 3-6 cm wide.
    3 Tepals white (their keels typically green on the lower surface).
      4 Leaves evergreen, 3.5-7.5 dm long; corona 2-3 cm across; [Charlotte County, FL peninsula]
      4 Leaves deciduous, (1.3-) 2.0-3.8 dm long; corona about 4-6 cm across; [c. and s. FL peninsula, also Wakulla County, FL Panhandle].
        5 Free filaments 1.5-3 cm long; anthers 12-15 mm long; longest leaf at anthesis < 4 dm long; [Wakulla County, FL Panhandle]
        5 Free filaments 2-4 cm long; anthers 15-20 mm long; longest leaf at anthesis > 4 dm long; [c. and s. FL peninsula]
    3 Tepals yellowish-green to pale green throughout.
          6 Flowers 1 per inflorescence; tepals ascending, equal to or shorter than the perianth tube; [ne. FL south to s. FL]
          6 Flowers 2 per inflorescence; tepals spreading, nearly always longer than the perianth tube; [Panhandle FL].
             7 Leaves strongly glaucous; tepals to 16 cm long; plants in loose to dense clumps; [east of the Apalachicola River (Liberty County, FL)]
             7 Leaves green to slightly glaucous; tepals to 13 cm long; plants singly or in loose clumps; [west of the Apalachicola River (Bay, Gulf, and Walton counties, FL)]
1 Ovules 1-3 (-4) per locule; ovary 7-15 mm long, 5-10 mm wide; [collectively more widespread].
               8 Staminal cup > 4.5 cm long; [rocky river shoals of the Piedmont of AL, GA, and SC, and the Ridge and Valley of AL]
               8 Staminal cup < 4.5 cm long; [Coastal Plain, Piedmont floodplains, and the GA Ridge and Valley].
                 9 Leaves oblanceolate, slightly to distinctly wider toward the tip.
                   10 Leaves not coriaceous, distinctly glaucous; scape bracts 4-7 cm long, the tip long-acuminate; bulbs non-rhizomatous; [of moist but not mucky habitats]
                   10 Leaves coriaceous, not glaucous; scape bracts 3-4 (-6) cm long, the tip acute; bulbs rhizomatous; [of wet habitats].
                       12 Scape bracts 3-4 (-6) cm long, the tip acute; leaves distinctly wider toward the tip; bulb 3-6 cm long, 1.5-5 cm wide
                       12 Scape bracts 4-5 cm long, the tip acuminate; leaves slightly wider toward the tip; bulb 4.5-7.5 cm long, 2.5-5.5 cm wide
                 9 Leaves liguliform, not wider toward the tip, the margins parallel throughout.
                            14 Leaves evergreen, 5-10 dm long, 4-9 cm wide; flowers 9-15 per inflorescence; pollen orange; [FL]
                            14 Leaves deciduous, 3.2-8.2 (10.6) dm long, 1.7-3.6 cm wide; flowers (3-) 5-12 per inflorescence; pollen yellow; [MS westward]
                              15 Staminal cups rotate at full anthesis; leaves chiefly arching low, often appearing prostrate; [of s. GA south into FL]
                              15 Staminal cups funnelform at full anthesis but gradually spreading in time; leaves suberect to erect; [of se. NC south to FL].
                                16 Perianth segments (6-) 7-11.5 cm long; leaves 3-7 dm long
                                  17 Scape bracts narrowly lanceolate, 2.5-5 cm long, 7-12 mm wide; [NC south to ne. FL]
                                  17 Scape bracts lanceolate, 3-4.5 cm long, 10-15 mm wide; [lower Ochlockonee River, Panhandle FL]
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