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Key to Liriope

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1 Plants cespitose, without stolons or weakly stoloniferous or rhizomatous; leaves 6-12 (-23) mm wide; flowers purple, lilac-purple, or lavender
1 Plants colonial, from slender stolons; leaves 3-6 (-8) mm wide; tepals white to very pale violet.
  2 Scapes (15-) 20-44 (-53) cm long, mostly equal or longer than the leaves and the inflorescences conspicuous; corollas purple to lavender; inflorescence rachis (4-) 5-13 cm long, (20-) 45-160-flowered
  2 Scapes 12-29 cm long, mostly much shorter than the leaves and the inflorescences mostly obscured; corollas mostly white; inflorescence rachis 2-5 (-8) cm long, (20-) 45-72-flowered
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