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Key to Rhynchospora, Key A: beaksedges with tubercles 3-23 mm long
[subgenus Haplostylae; sections Longirostres and Polycephalae]

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1 Spikelets arranged in globose or subglobose clusters; tubercle 3-5 mm; leaf blades 2-8 mm wide.
..2 Spikelets arranged in subglobose, umbel-like clusters; achene margins crimped; plants not rhizomatous; [section Longirostres]
..2 Spikelets arranged in tightly globose clusters; achene margins not crimped; plants rhizomatous; [section Polycephalae]
1 Spikelets in > 4 paniculate or corymbose clusters; tubercle 10-23 mm long; leaf blades 6-20 mm wide; [section Longirostres].
....3 Longest bristles shorter than the achene
....3 Longest bristles longer than or equaling the achene.
......4 Plants cespitose; primary clusters with 10-50 (rarely 7 or fewer) densely clustered spikelets; achene (4.5-) 5-6 mm long
......4 Plants rhizomatous; primary clusters with 1-6 loosely clustered spikelets; achene (3.5-) 4.0-4.8 mm long.
........5 Bristles 2-8 mm long, the central bristle longest on one face, shortest or absent on the other
........5 Bristles 7-12 mm long, essentially of equal length
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