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Key to Poaceae, Key C: bur, bead, or bulblet grasses of various tribes

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1 Fertile spikelets absent (spikelets modified into asexual, purplish bulblets) or variously spiny or bead like; [tribe Poeae]
1 Fertile spikelets variously spiny or bead-like.
..2 Pistillate spikelets concealed within a hard, beadlike shell, this white, black, or variously colored; [tribe Andropogoneae]
..2 Spikelets concealed in a variously spiny bur, this green or tan, sometimes with pink or purple shading.
....3 Bur formed from accrescent branchlets, with fewer and less regularly arranged straight prickles (these typically retrorsely scabrous); [tribe Paniceae]
....3 Bur formed from an enlarged glume, with 5-7 rows of hooked prickles; [tribe Cynodonteae; subtribe Traginae]
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