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Key to Poaceae, Key I: rice grasses, of tribe Oryzeae (also including grasses keyed as well in Key B)

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1 Lemma margins free; plants perennial.
..2 Plants either < 1 m tall or a floating aquatic with lax stems to 1.5 m long
..2 Plants 1-4 m tall, emergent, the stems stout, not lax
1 Lemmas and paleas clasping along their margins; plants annual or perennial.
....3 Spikelets either pistillate or staminate, the upper branches of the panicle with pistillate spikelets, the lower branches with staminate spikelets; grains terete
....3 Spikelets bisexual; grains laterally flattened.
......4 Glumes absent and also lacking glume-like sterile florets subtending the floret; lemmas and paleas pectinately ciliate-hispid on the margins; [native]
......4 Glumes absent or greatly reduced, glume-like sterile florets subtending the fertile floret; lemmas and paleas glabrous or pubescent, but not pectinately ciliate hispid on the margins; [introduced]
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