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Key to Poaceae, Key K: grasses with 1 floret and unawned lemmas

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image of plant
Show caption*© Aidan Campos
1 Spikelets 18-32 mm long; [tribe Poeae]
1 Spikelets 0.7-10.8 mm long.
image of plant
Show caption*© Eric Lamb, some rights reserved (CC BY), uploaded by Eric Lamb
..2 Spikelets clearly orbiculate, the glumes keeled
..2 Spikelets variously shaped, sometimes rounded but not clearly orbiculate, the glumes keeled or not.
....3 Florets rigid, shining; glumes and lemmas rounded in ×-section, not keeled; spikelets 2.5-5 mm long; [tribe Poeae]
....3 Florets soft, papery; glumes and lemmas keeled in ×-section; spikelets 0.7-10.8 mm long.
......4 Florets with a conspicuous tuft of hairs on the callus; [tribe Zoysieae; subtribe Sporobolinae]
......4 Florets not conspicuously hairy on the callus.
........5 Lemma 1-veined; ligule of hairs; grain becoming mucilaginous when wet; [tribe Zoysieae; subtribe Sporobolinae]
........5 Lemma 1-5-veined; ligule a membrane (the summit sometimes ciliolate); grain not becoming mucilaginous when wet.
..........6 Lemmas faintly 5-veined; lower glume longer than the lemma; palea much shorter than the lemma (or absent); [tribe Poeae]
..........6 Lemmas strongly 3-veined; lower glume shorter than (rarely equaling) the lemma; palea about equaling the lemma; [tribe Cynodonteae; subtribe Muhlenbergiinae]
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