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Key E: angiosperm shrubs and subshrubs with basally-disposed leaves

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1 Leaves giant, either pinnately compound and > 15 dm long, or palmately divided into numerous segments and > 6 dm wide; [Monocots]
1 Leaves small to giant, simple or 3-foliolate; leaves < 9 dm long and < 2 dm wide (except Agave, with leaves < 20 dm long and < 2.5 dm wide); [Eudicots or Monocots].
..2 Leaves linear-lanceolate, flat or channeled or V-shaped in ×-section, > 3 dm long; flowers 3-merous; rosette shrubs; [Monocots].
....3 Leaves 1-25 cm wide; capsules 25-80 mm long
....3 Leaves 0.4-1 cm wide; capsules 4-8 mm long
..2 Leaves either broader in shape or distinctly fleshy and essentially terete in ×-section, < 2 dm long; flowers 5-merous; rosette subshrubs; [Eudicots].
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