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Key L: epiphytic angiosperms {Note that epiphytic Pteridophytes are not re-keyed here; seek them in Keys A4 and A6}

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1 Stems yellow to bright orange, lacking leaves
1 Stems green or brown, with leaves (scale-like or larger).
..2 Leaves opposite, orbicular or oblanceolate, rounded at the apex; [Eudicots]
..2 Leaves alternate, either orbicular or oblanceolate (rounded at the apex), or scale-like, or elongate and tapering, or lanceolate-elliptic.
....3 Leaves orbicular, rounded at the apex; [Basal Angiosperms]
....3 Leaves either scale-like, or elongate and tapering, or lanceolate-elliptic; [Monocots].
......4 Leaves either scale-like or elongate and tapering; flowers radially symmetrical
......4 Leaves lanceolate-elliptic; flowers bilaterally symmetrical
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