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Key to Apiaceae, Key F: Apiaceae with leaves 2-4× pinnately-ternately compound, the ultimate leaflets broader than 1 mm wide and many >25) and often imperfectly separated from one another (clone); fruits ornamented with hairs, bristles, barbs, or tubercles (clone)

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1 Fruit with a flat, straight beak 2-7 cm long, hispid-ciliate along the margins
1 Fruit beakless or essentially so.
..2 Plants perennial or biennial (annual in Daucus pusillus), 3-20 dm tall; rays 12-60.
..2 Plants annual (sometimes perennial in Anthriscus), 0.5-8 (-10) dm tall; rays 1-7 (or to as many as 20 in Anthriscus).
....3 Rays (1-) 3 (-5); mericarps 5.5-10 mm long, glabrous or pubescent with weak appressed hairs
....3 Rays 3-12; mericarps 3-6 mm long, glabrous or densely bristled with hooked (uncinate) bristles.
......4 Ribs of the mericarp obsolete; rays 3-5
......4 Ribs of the mericarp prominent (paler than the intervals); rays 5-12
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