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Key to Asteraceae, Key D: Herbaceous composites with the leaves basal only (stems bearing heads with bracts only)

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1 Heads quasi-radiate (corollas of flowers bilaterally symmetrical); [natives, of the Coastal Plain]; [tribe Mutisieae]
..2 Lower leaf surfaces finely hirtellous and stipitate-glandular; [TX]
..2 Lower leaf surfaces densely covered with dense wool; [Coastal Plain, NC to FL, west to TX]
1 Heads either radiate (with ray and disc flowers), disciform (with outer pistillate flowers barely radiate, the subligulate portion ca. 0.5 mm long, and inner disc flowers, or discoid (with disc flowers only)
....3 Heads disciform; involucres 2-4 mm in diameter; [natives, of s. FL]; [tribe Plucheae]
....3 Heads discoid or radiate; involucres 10-20 mm in diameter; [non-natives, more common northwards and inland]; [tribe Senecioneae].
......4 Heads discoid, disc flowers purplish; heads borne in a raceme or thyrse on a leafless stem, before the leaves
......4 Heads radiate, rays yellow, disc flowers yellow; heads borne solitary on scapes, before the leaves
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