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Key to Bartonia

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1 Corolla lobes white, 4-10 mm long, spreading, spatulate to obovate, rounded at the apex; flowering in early spring (rarely to early summer)
1 Corolla lobes green to creamy white, 2-3 (-5.2) mm long, ascending or erect, oblong to ovate or lance-ovate, acuminate or rounded-mucronate at the apex; flowering in summer or fall (Jul-Oct).
  2 Mid-cauline scale leaves opposite; corolla lobes rounded at the apex, abruptly narrowed to a mucro, their margins erose (uncommonly entire); anthers 0.5-1.1 mm long; style slender with stigmas connivent; capsule dehiscing medially
  2 Mid-cauline scale leaves alternate; corolla lobes acuminate at the apex, their margins entire; anthers 0.3-0.5 mm long; style stout with stigmas spreading; capsule dehiscing from the apex.
    3 Plants relatively short (avg. 14.3 cm); stems usually purple and often stout; calyx sinuses frequently rounded; stamens frequently purplish
    3 Plants relatively tall (avg. 20.5-25.9 cm); stems usually green and slender; calyx sinuses acute; stamens usually yellowish.
      4 Stems occasionally twining; corolla lobes usually oblong-lanceolate, 2.9-5.2 (mean 4.1) mm long
      4 Stems strictly erect; corolla lobes usually ovate acuminate, 1.9-3.2 (mean 2.6) mm long
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