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Key to Bauhinia

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1 Woody vine, climbing by axillary tendrils; leaves 2-foliolate
1 Tree; leaves simple, 2-lobed.
..2 Stems with stipular spines at or near the nodes; stamens 10; corolla white
..2 Stems lacking spines; stamens 3 or 5; corolla white, pink, or purple.
....3 Functional stamens 3; petals ca. 1.5 (-2) cm wide, not overlapping; flower buds clavate and also slightly 4-5-angled or -winged in ×-sextion winged towards the tip; spathiform calyx splitting along 2 lines
....3 Functional stamens 5; petals 1.5-3 cm wide, overlapping; flower buds spindle-shaped, tapering to the tip and not angled in ×-section; spathiform calyx splitting along a single line
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