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Key to Callisia

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1 Leaves 15-30 cm long, 2.5-5 cm wide; stems ascending; [section Callisia, “C. fragrans Group”]
1 Leaves 1-3.5 cm long, 0.3-1.4 cm wide; stems creeping.
..2 Flowers sessile or nearly so; capsule with 2 locules; [section Callisia, “C. repens Group”]
..2 Flowers pedicellate; capsule with 3 locules.
....3 Inflorescences pedunculate; petals white, ca. 2.5 mm long; filaments glabrous; [FL]; [section Leptocallisia]
....3 Inflorescences sessile or nearly so; petals pink to rose, 5-7 mm long; filaments bearded; [s. TX]; [section Brachyphylla]
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