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Key to Collinsonia

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1 Inflorescence an unbranched thyrse, the lower nodes with (3-) 6 flowers per node; floral bracts absent; pedicels flattened at base; leaves (2-) 4 (-6), the 4 upper (or only) leaves subverticillate; flowers light pink to lavender; flowering Apr-Jun; [subgenus Micheliella]
1 Inflorescence a panicle (rarely unbranched), the flowers 2 per node; floral bracts present, minute to large; pedicels not enlarged basally; leaves 6 or more, opposite; flowers cream to yellow; flowering Jul-Sep; [subgenus Collinsonia].
  2 Fertile stamens 4; fresh plants with anise scent; [GA southward and westward]
  2 Fertile stamens 2; fresh plants with lemon scent; [collectively widespread in our area].
    3 Blades of the larger stem leaves 4.0-10.5 cm long, with 5-15 teeth on each margin, glabrous or hispidulous on the main veins beneath; plant from a small, rounded tuber-like crown, to 6 cm long and 5 cm in diameter
    3 Blades of the larger stem leaves 8-25 cm long, with 11-42 teeth on each margin, glabrous or variously pubescent beneath; plant from an elongate, woody, rhizome-like crown, to 15 cm long.
      4 Calyx 2-5 mm long; calyx teeth lance-subulate to narrowly lanceolate; flowers 8-13 mm long
      4 Calyx 4.5-7 mm long; calyx teeth broadly lanceolate; flowers 12-17 mm long
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