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Key to Dysphania

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1 Leaves deeply pinnately lobed, the lobes linear; plant perennial; mature calyx shallowly toothed, obovoid-urceolate, reticulate-veiny; [section Adenois]
1 Leaves serrate to sinuate-pinnatifid, the lobes broad-based and triangular-tapered; plant annual; mature calyx deeply lobed, neither reticulate nor prominently veined.
  2 Flowers in a slender thyrsoid inflorescence of lateral cymes; [section Botryoides]
  2 Flowers either solitary and spaced along the inflorescence axis, or in dense glomerules arranged secondarily into spikes and panicles.
    3 Flowers solitary, sessile, and spaced along the inflorescence axis; calyx lobes strongly keeled, at maturity with a continuous, horizontal, scarious wing; [section Adenois].
    3 Flowers in dense glomerules arranged secondarily into spikes and panicles; calyx lobes not winged.
      4 Leaf blades 2-8 cm long; seeds mostly horizontal; stems 3-15 dm tall; [section Adenois].
        5 Inflorescences foliose throughout; primary leaves not lobed
        5 Inflorescences leafless (leaves in the inflorescence absent or shorter than the glomerules); primary leaves regularly lobed
      4 Leaf blades 0.5-2.7 cm long; seeds vertical; stems 0.5-5 dm tall; [section Dysphania].
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