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Key to Elatine

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1 Capsules 2-locular; petals 2; leaf base rounded to truncate
1 Capsules 3-locular; petals 3 or 0; leaf base attenuate to cuneate (rarely rounded in E. brachysperma).
..2 Pedicels 0.5-2.5 mm long, recurved in fruit
..2 Pedicels 0-0.5 mm long, erect in fruit.
....3 Seeds with (9-) 14-17 pits per (longitudinal) row; seed pits 1-2× as long as wide, the ends rounded
....3 Seeds with (13-) 16-30 (-35) pits per (longitudinal) row; seed pits 2-3× as long as wide, the ends angular-hexagonal.
......4 Leaves broadest towards the tip (obovate to spatulate); leaf apex rounded to slightly emarginate
......4 Leaves broadest near the middle; leaf apex acute to obtuse