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Key to Kalanchoe

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1 Flowers erect; sepals connate basally, not inflated; leaves simple; plants not viviparous.
..2 Inflorescence axes glabrous
..2 Inflorescence axes glandular-pubescent
1 Flowers pendulous; sepals connate basally or into a tube, often inflated; leaves simple or odd-pinnately compound; plants viviparous with plantlets on leaf margins and inflorescences.
....3 Leaves pinnately compound; calyx 25-50 mm long, inflated
....3 Leaves simple; calyx 6-16 mm long, not inflated.
......4 Corolla 1.3-2× as long as the calyx; leaves not mottled
......4 Corolla 3-4× as long as the calyx; leaves mottled.
........5 Leaves flat; leaf margins serrate, bearing plantlets between the teeth
........5 Leaves terete, about as thick as wide; leaf margins entire, except for a few teeth at the apex, bearing plantlets between the teeth
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