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Key to Myzorrhiza

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1 Corolla 22-36 mm long; calyx 15-21 mm long; anthers woolly; [TX and w. OK westwards and southwestwards]
1 Corolla 14-22 mm long; calyx 7-14 mm long; anthers glabrous or with a few hairs only; [VA, WV, OH, IL, MO, OK, and TX, and westwards].
..2 Corolla 14-20 mm long, slightly curved, the lobes 4-8 mm long and rounded-obtuse; inflorescence a dense raceme, the flowers in a dense and often irregular spiral; flowering Apr-Aug; [of uplands, usually parasitizing perennial composites such as Artemisia, Heterotheca, and Grindelia]
..2 Corolla 14-22 mm long, strongly curved, the lobes 4-5 mm long and triangular-acute; inflorescence an open raceme, the flowers in a loose and regular spiral; flowering Aug-Oct; [of bottomlands, usually parasitizing annual composites such as Ambrosia and Xanthium]
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