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Key to Pombalia

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1 Leaf blades linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, apex acute or abruptly attenuate, margins shallowly serrate to serrulate (rarely subentire); corolla whitish to violet or purple, > 15 mm long, bottom petal 2.5-3× as long as others; [alien, Miami-Dade Co., FL]
1 Leaf blades linear to obspatulate or lanceolate to rhombic-lanceolate, apex acute, margins entire or prominently crenate to serrate; corolla white to cream or yellowish, < 5 mm long, bottom petal 1.5-2× as long as others.
..2 Leaves subtending flowers or fruits much reduced; leaf blades lanceolate to rhombic-lanceolate, margins prominently crenate to serrate; bottom petal blade broadly obdeltate-reniform, apex bilobate; [native to S America, sporadic waif in NJ and NC, established in GA]
..2 Leaves subtending flowers or fruits not reduced; leaf blades linear (occasionally narrowly elliptical to obspatulate), margins entire; bottom petal blade obrhombic, apex broadly rounded; [native of grasslands and open xeric sites, e. KS, e. OK, and e. TX westward]
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