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Key to Prosthechea

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1 Pseudobulbs distinctly orbicular to suborbicular, aggregated, strongly flattened and often overlapping, glossy; flowers greenish tan with reddish purple blotches; blooming mostly Jul-Oct
1 Pseudobulbs elongate to ellipsoid/fusiform, moderately flattened, not strongly aggregated (spreading/spaced), typically not glossy; flowering sporadically throughout the year, sometimes concentrated throughout the latter portions of the south FL wet season or early dry season (Aug-Jan).
..2 (Mature) plants to 60 cm; leaves oblong-lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, 5-40 cm long; flowers not resupinate; labellum distinctly concave, deeply purple colored (very rarely creamy white/yellow in forma albidoflava), orbiculate-cordate; anthers 3; perianth segments hanging, twisted, linear-lanceolate; capsules to 2-4 cm long
..2 (Mature) plants to 12 cm; leaves elliptic, 2.5-5.5 cm long; flowers resupinate, labellum white, obreniform, with small purple blotch on middle lobe; anthers 1; sepals oblanceolate with acute apex; lateral sepals oblique; capsules to 1 cm long
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