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Key to Pyrola

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1 Calyx lobes 1.4-5.8 mm long, distinctly longer than broad (the width measured across the base of the lobe from sinus base to sinus base); petals white to pink or purplish red; [section Pyrola; series Pyrola].
..2 Calyx lobes ovate, ovate-oblong, or obovate, apices obtuse to acute; petals white, often suffused with pink; [NC and e. TN northwards]
..2 Calyx lobes triangular, apices acute to acuminate; petals white proximally and pinkish distally, or pink to purplish red throughout; [NY (Long Island) northwards]
1 Calyx lobes 1.5-2 mm long, about as broad as long; petals white to greenish or yellowish white.
....3 Leaves mostly 1-3 cm long, the blade mostly < 2.5 cm wide; calyx lobes broadly ovate, the apex subacute to obtuse; [VA and WV northwards]' [section Ampliosepala; series Chloranthae]
....3 Leaves mostly 3-9 cm long, the blade mostly > 2.5 cm wide; calyx lobes triangular, the apex acute to acuminate; [nw. NC, VA, WV, and OH northwards]; [section Pyrola; series Ellipticae]
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