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Key to Schoenoplectiella

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1 Perianth bristles absent; achenes 1.2-1.6 mm long, transversely rugose; plants bearing solitary pistillate (amphicarpic) flowers enclosed in the basal leaf sheaths, these differing in many ways from the “normal” flowers of the terminal inflorescence; [section Schoenoplectiella].
  2 Achenes nearly equilaterally sharply trigonous; styles all 3-fid
  2 Achenes biconcave to plano-convex, or obscurely compressed trigonous; styles 2-fid or a few 3-fid.
    3 Achenes biconvex, with a planar or concave area on the adaxial surface
1 Perianth bristles 5-6; achenes 1.5-2.0 mm long, smooth, finely pitted, or finely papillose; plants with only “normal” terminal inflorescence; [section Actaeogeton].
      4 Culms 2-3 mm thick, acutely triangular in ×-section
      4 Culms 1-2 mm thick, cylindric in ×-section.
        5 Achenes 1.75-2.0 mm long, unequally biconvex (rounded on both faces, but less so on one than the other), rounded-obovate, broadly cuneate at the base, rounded at the apex.
        5 Achenes 1.5-1.8 mm long, planoconvex (nearly flat on 1 face), obovate, cuneate at the base, subtruncate at the apex.
             7 Perianth bristles present and at least some well-developed.
               8 Perianth bristles 1-4, smooth or very sparsely retrorsely barbed, equaling or shorter than the achene
               8 Perianth bristles 4-6, densely retrorsely barbed, equaling or longer than the achene
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